LIRR Third Track Update - June 2021

During the month of June, you will see crews performing construction activities in Garden City.

New Hyde Park Road Grade Crossing Elimination Project

  • During June, crews from EJ Electric will be performing electrical testing underneath the New Hyde Park Road Bridge
  • This activity is expected to last one day, and will require a single-lane closure to complete
  • Flaggers will be present to assist with two-way traffic during this operation

Wall Construction

  • 3TC will continue to install retaining wall panels along the north side of the right-of-way, between Denton Avenue and 5th Avenue
  • Sound wall construction will continue along the north side of the tracks, west of Merillon Station, this month
  • Work on these sections of wall will continue over the weekend throughout the month of June

Merillon Avenue Station Enhancement

  • Crews have begun the process of commissioning and testing the new elevators at Merillon Avenue Station to ensure complete functionality and safety requirements are met
    • While testing and commissioning takes place, crews will continue to lay thin brick on the interior and exterior of the elevator buildings
  • Guardrails and railings are being installed on the stairs and ramps on both the north and south sides of the tracks
  • EJ Electric is continuing to install lighting at the station and platform conduit along the right-of-way, on the north and south sides of the tracks
  • Elevators will be ADA-compliant and will provide easier access to the platforms on both sides of the station

3rd Track Installation

  • Ballast will be installed along the south side of the right-of-way during the day to support the future installation of the third track
  • Once the ballast has been installed, crews will build track between Nassau Boulevard and Herricks Road

Double Track Outages

  • Double track outages have been scheduled for the Main Line on June 12th and 13th and the Oyster Bay Line on June 26th and 27th
    • To reduce the overall project schedule, the project team will use these double-track outages to complete other activities in proximity to the tracks
    • During these weekends, residents will likely notice increased activity along the right-of-way
    • To ensure restoration of rail service by Monday mornings, crews will be working through the overnight hours

LIRR Work Along The Right-of-Way

  • In addition to 3TC's activities, you may see or hear LIRR forces working along the railroad right-of-way.
  • To avoid LIRR service interruptions during peak commuting hours, LIRR work along the railroad right-of-way may take place overnight and on weekends.
  • For more information, visit the post in the Community News section of

For up-to-date LIRR service changes and/or changes to station access, please visit MTA / LIRR.