Merillon Avenue Road Improvement Project

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The Merillon Avenue Improvement Project involves the redesign of the area immediately south of the Merillon Avenue Train Station eastbound platform, including portions of Main Avenue between Meadbrook Road and Nassau Boulevard in both directions.

This project includes bumping out the north curb line on the west side of Main Avenue (closest to Meadbrook Road) to create an extended planting bed, as well as the repositioning of the western most Main Avenue island to maintain the westbound driving lane to accommodate the new planting bed.

It also involves marrying the two large islands east and west of the Euston Road cut-through thereby creating one continuous island and planting bed that will receive large specimen trees to help alleviate light and noise emanating from the train station.

The scope of the project, as defined in the Community Benefits Fund (CBF) Application to the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), also includes additional landscaping along the platform, as well as in the islands between east- and westbound Main Avenue, new sidewalks, curbs, the addition of new drainage infrastructure, light baffles to shield the north platform lights, new and improved parking area north of the new islands, extended drop-off area, two new handicapped spaces and other incidentals for pedestrian access such a ramps, signage and crosswalks.

The design drawings, existing estimates (as of December 7, 2022) and CBF Application are available on the Village website, for additional information and specific details.

The project is being funded via the transfer of funds from Village Surplus in the amount of $1,636,000 which is the amount currently available in the CBF as of December 7, 2022. The CBF Application is a pre-approval process established by the LIRR as part of the Third Track Project. Actual expenses incurred are later submitted by the Village Treasurer to the LIRR for reimbursement against the approved project.

The LIRR has indicated verbally that the CBF Application scope of the project is being approved while the Village is still awaiting a decision on the amount of the existing CBF funding that will be available.

Any updates will be provided as available.