LIRR Third Track Update - July 2020

Significant progress has been made on the LIRR Expansion Project from Floral Park to Hicksville, one of the region's most noteworthy transportation projects. While the duration and intensity of work depend on the project element under construction, the 3rd Track Constructors team is phasing elements to reduce the amount of disruption in any given community at any given time. During the month of July, you will see crews performing the following construction activities in Garden City:

Permanent Utility Pole Installation

  • As part of the overall project, continued utility pole relocation work is taking place in several communities
  • Crews from EJ Electric will work during the day and overnight setting permanent wooden and steel utility poles along the railroad right-of-way
  • Residents will see crews installing poles from New Hyde Park Road to Tanners Pond Road and Tanners Pond Road to Merillon Station, and Nassau Boulevard to Herricks Road.
  • Once the poles are installed, crews will safely relocate cables from temporary poles to the permanent poles
  • Heavy construction equipment including vacuum trucks, cranes, bucket trucks, and more, are needed for this work
  • 3TC is contractually committed to performing ongoing environmental monitoring including air quality, vibration levels, and noise levels

Merillon Avenue Station Enhancement

  • Work is continuing to progress on the south side of Merillon Station
  • Excavation and installation of stairs, ramps and walkways is underway
  • Canopy steel and purlins are being placed along the platforms
  • New brick interior and exterior work is underway on the ADA-compliant elevator buildings
  • Interior finishes for the north support building will be installed throughout the month of June
  • Please board and exit all trains (westbound and eastbound) from the first six cars at Merillon Avenue Station and continue to utilize the temporary crosswalks along Main Avenue
  • Some parking spots will remain unavailable at Merillon Avenue; replacement parking is provided north of Merillon Avenue Station, along Broadway between County Courthouse Road and Herricks Road, on the south side of the street

New Hyde Park Road Grade Crossing Elimination Project

  • Throughout the month of June, construction crews will continue progress installing precast wall panels on the north side of the underpass
  • On the south side of the tracks, crews will continue erecting steel for the new bridge
  • Residents will see crews working both during the day and overnight on this project element
  • Over the weekend of July 11 to July 12, the new concrete U-structure will be jacked into place during a double-track outage
  • In adherence to our commitment to minimize disruption to the community, noise, dust, and vibration are continuously monitored
  • As part of this crucial project element, Plaza Avenue has been realigned and re-graded to meet the grade of the new underpass
  • New curbs and sidewalks have been installed and the parking lot at 115 New Hyde Park road has been repaved
  • A traffic signal will be installed at the corner of Plaza Avenue and New Hyde Park Road this month
  • For the remainder of the closure, signage and detour plans are in place throughout the area. 
  • 3TC is continuing to coordinate with Village elected officials, Nassau County, New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), and the MTAPD
  • New Hyde Park Road is expected to be open by Labor Day. Read more about the progress on this project element

Wall Construction

  • Sound wall installation on the south side of the tracks, from New Hyde Park Road heading east toward Tanners Pond Road, has begun
  • Residents along Greenridge Avenue will see crews performing work along the right-of-way for the duration of this activity
  • 3TC construction teams are substantially complete with the installation of retaining and sound attenuation walls from Tanners Pond Road to Herricks Road
  • In adherence to our commitment to minimize disruption to the community, noise, dust and vibration are continuously monitored

LIRR Work Along the Railroad Right-of-Way

In addition to 3TC's activities, you may see or hear LIRR forces working along the railroad right-of-way. These activities may include:

  • Regular track inspection and maintenance; rail tie replacement; grade crossing elimination preparatory work
  • To avoid LIRR service interruptions during peak commuting hours, LIRR work along the railroad right-of-way may take place overnight and on weekends

For up-to-date LIRR service changes and/or changes to station access, please visit the MTA / LIRR website, and for up-to-date NICE Bus information, please visit the NICE Bus website.