Administrator / Village Clerk

Village Administrator

Garden City's Chief Administrative Officer fills the role of Village Administrator. Responsible to the Mayor and Board of Trustees, he coordinates the activities of the Village Departments to ensure the effective delivery of municipal services.

Duties of the Office include providing the Board with essential information and recommendations that are necessary for formulating policies designed to maintain and enhance Village operations. The Village Administrator also keeps the Board informed of the Village's financial condition and coordinates the preparation of the Village budget and its implementation after adoption by the Board.

Village Clerk

The Village Clerk serves as the Clerk to the Board of Trustees. Responsible for the recording of all of its proceedings and decisions, the Village Clerk is the Election Officer for Village Elections and the Collector of Taxes. In addition to maintaining all legal notices for the Village of Garden City, the Village Clerk is the custodian of all municipal records and facilitator of other duties as determined by the Board of Trustees and Village Administrator.