LIRR Third Track Update - May 2018

Pre-construction activities for the Third Track project to improve the LIRR's Main Line from Floral Park to Hicksville have begun. Actual construction in the Village of Garden City is not expected to take place until late 2018.

LIRR Right-of-Way Access Gates

This activity will install gates on LIRR property at the end of two streets to create access to the railroad right-of-way.

During the week of April 28, work is scheduled to take place at the end of Whitehall Boulevard and on Kensington Road where it abuts the LIRR right-of-way.

Surface Surveying

This activity will make it possible to create accurate maps and measurements for the project design. Surveyors in hard hats and high visibility vests using sighting equipment will be visible on local streets, including near bridges and crossings.

April and May: Scheduled to take place at New Hyde Park Road, to locate test pits, utility pole locations, and street elevations and at Merillon Avenue station to locate existing poles, information on platforms and street elevations, and geometry.

Subsurface Surveying

This activity will obtain geological data adjacent to the LIRR right-of-way. Soil sampling for environmental testing will also be scheduled at designated locations. Large machines in the street will take these samples and imagery. Roads will not be closed or significantly obstructed as machinery will be positioned on the side of the road, though machinery will take up parking spaces. A sound similar to an engine operating with frequent hammer strikes can be heard. This may also cause some vibrations which should only be felt for a short distance. Work is scheduled to take place as follows:

  • Week of April 30, 2018: Railroad Avenue at Fifth Avenue, SE corner
  • Week of April 30, 2018: North of Main Avenue, in brush, at Kildare Road
  • Week of April 30, 2018: Main Avenue, north side, just east of Denton Road
  • Week of April 30, 2018: Greenridge Avenue
  • Week of April 30, 2018: Tanners Pond and Main Avenue
  • Week of May 7, 2018: Nassau Boulevard Parking Lot
  • Week of May 7, 2018: East of Whitehall Boulevard
  • Week of May 7, 2018: Kensington Road
  • Week of May 14, 2018: Main Avenue and Wickham Road
  • Week of May 14, 2018: Main Avenue and Weyford Terrace

Utility Location Pits

This activity is designed to accurately document the location of underground infrastructures, such as water, electric, telephone, natural gas, and sewer lines. These buried utilities must be fully mapped before future project excavation takes place. Work is scheduled to take place as follows:

  • Week of April 30 through Week of May 7: locations on New Hyde Park Road, seeking locations of water, Verizon, LIRR cables and pipes
  • Week of May 7 through Week of May 28: locations at Merillon Avenue Station, seeking locations of electric service and gas service

Clearing and Grubbing on LIRR Right-of-Way

Beginning the week of May 7, crews are scheduled to be on the railroad right-of-way to remove vegetation that would interfere with construction activities. Access will be through a gate installed at Kensington Road.

Existing Road Condition Survey

Beginning the week of May 7, a specially modified van is scheduled to be on the streets that will record the current condition of the roads.