Monitoring Wells in the East

January 21, 2020: The Environmental Protection Agency plans to drill four wells in the East to monitor underground water pollution caused by a plume from the old Mitchel Field Air Force base that is moving south from that location. The three proposed locations for these four wells are Garden Street, the intersection of Tremont Street and Garden Street, and the intersection of Willow and Tremont streets. Please note: the Willow/Tremont intersection is slated to have two wells.

The first well on Garden Street started in October and ended the Friday before Thanksgiving. At the insistence of the Mayor and Board of Trustees, the drilling operation was paused for multiple holidays through the end of the year with drilling to begin sometime after the New Year.

The Village has received information from the EPA advising that drilling operations will resume the week of February 3, 2020, at the intersection of Garden Street and Tremont Street. They will be at that location for four weeks and then will move on to the intersection of Willow and Tremont streets for the final two wells, which will also take approximately four weeks to complete.

Similar to what was done during the previous monitoring well installation event, EPA will go door-to-door to distribute the community update to the residents in the immediate area of Garden and Tremont streets prior to the commencement of drilling activities and then again in the immediate area of Willow and Tremont streets.