I am confused by the ballot. Can you explain it to me?

The ballot you have seen for the St. Paul’s Public Opinion Poll is intended to help the Board of Trustees (BOT) understand if there is community support for continued efforts to save part or all of the building, or whether the majority of residents want the building demolished. Getting this information from residents is only a first step for the BOT in reaching a decision on the St. Paul’s Building, and it is understood that regardless of what we learn, more work will need to be done. This poll is important to help us understand in what direction the residents would prefer that we focus our efforts.

If the residents do not support further efforts to try to save part or all of the building, and the Board of Trustees decides to proceed with demolition, the Board will evaluate what could be done with the land after the building is demolished. While many residents have spoken of having a park, there has also been a lot of interest expressed by residents in a community center or a recreation center.  The Board of Trustees will set to work to find out the best use for this land, with further community input, if the poll shows community support for demolition and the BOT decides to proceed with demolition.

If the residents support further efforts to try to save the building, there is much more work to be done to explore the many different options, the affordability of those different options, and the value those options would provide to the community. The Board of Trustees will set to work, with further community input, to determine what project would be best for our community considering preservation, affordability and uses.

Public Opinion Poll SAMPLE ballot

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1. I pay $9,000 in Village taxes now and want to know how much a St. Paul’s project would cost me?
2. What would a St. Paul’s Project cost me?
3. Can I vote by Absentee Ballot if I am unable to vote in person on October 21st?
4. How Can the Village Ensure Safety of St. Paul’s Fields and Middle School Fields During Any St. Paul’s Project?
5. What is the present condition of the St. Paul’s Main Building?
6. I am confused by the ballot. Can you explain it to me?
7. How much has the Village spent on the St. Paul’s Building over the last 10 years?
8. Why is the St. Paul’s Public Opinion Poll on October 21st, Homecoming Day?
9. What do we know about the environmental impact of a demolition, adaptive reuse or façade project at St. Paul’s?
10. Why is the Village taking steps now to remove the stained glass windows from the St. Paul’s Chapel rather than shoring them up in place?
11. What resident votes, polls or surveys have taken place in the past relating to St. Paul’s and what were the results?
12. What are the details of the St. Paul’s Public Opinion Poll? When and Where?
13. What will be on the Ballot on October 21st?
14. How do I get an Absentee Ballot?
15. Why is the Village having a “St. Paul’s Public Opinion Poll” on October 21st rather than a “Referendum” or a “Vote” and what is the difference in these terms?
16. Will the demolition have an impact on the air quality of the students attending the Middle School?
17. Would lead paint particles be present on the surrounding playing fields as a result of demolition?
18. What are the restrictions on the St. Paul’s Property and why do we have them? What do people mean when they talk about “Permitted Uses”?