Why is the St. Paul’s Public Opinion Poll on October 21st, Homecoming Day?

The Board of Trustees voted at an August meeting to set the date for the St. Paul’s Public Opinion Poll on Saturday October 21st from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Considerations in setting the date included 1) finding a date when many residents would be in town and available to participate 2) finding a date when weather conditions are less likely to keep residents from voting and 3) finding a date that the St. Paul’s Field House and the voting machines were available. We recognize how important participation is and considered a variety of factors with a goal of maximum participation.

With residents gathering in our Village on that day and celebrating on the GCHS football field and around town, we expect participation to be positively impacted. Similarly, we are hopeful that young families watching their children play games at the St. Paul’s fields will take a few minutes to vote in the Opinion Poll. They will already be there!

The one concern we have heard is about parking because of the fact that so many residents will be in town and there will be activities at the St. Paul’s fields, a parade from 7th Street to GCHS, and the Homecoming Football Game at GCHS. With the long period of time that the polls are open, we believe residents will be able to plan their voting accordingly and avoid difficulties with parking. We will also be working with our Police Department as they are skilled at handling parking in similar situations to make sure parking is not a deterrent to anyone’s participation. We are confident that Commissioner Jackson and his Department are well equipped to handle this. We will share more details with you on the parking plan as the day approaches.

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