Bill Payment Center

Payment through the Chase Electronic Payment System can be set up to store credit card and electronic check information for future water payments to the Incorporated Village of Garden City. Once you click the "Pay Now" button on Village Billing Center you are directed to Chase Bank's Electronic Payment System.

If you choose to set up an account to save your payment information, you will be required to set up a unique login for Chase Bank's Electronic Payment System account.

If you want to pay without creating an account click the "Pay Without Registering" button.

Your current water bill invoice is required to create a Chase Bank's Electronic Payment System Account. The water invoice number, which is shown on your current water bill, will display on the top of the Garden City Billing screen.

For assistance with the online payment system, email Ryan Sheehan or call 516-465-4172.

Make online Incorporated Village of Garden City tax and water payments.

Village Tax

Taxes Payable

  • June 1 - First Half
  • December 1 - Second Half
  • 1% discount on the second half if paid in full in June

Interest & Penalty

  • 5% delinquency charge is assessed on July 2 for the first half tax due, a 1% additional charge for each month thereafter, and an additional $1 notice fee.
  • 5% delinquency charge is assessed on January 1 for the second half tax due, a 1% additional charge for each month thereafter, and an additional $1 notice fee.

Contact our Tax Department directly at 516-465-4156 for all Village-related tax issues.

For County, Town, and School Tax information, please call the Town of Hempstead at 516-489-5000.

Village Water

  • Billed on a quarterly basis.
  • Charges are based on actual consumption.
  • Bills are not estimated. If a meter cannot be read, a minimum charge equal to 2,000 cubic feet of water consumption is billed. The following quarter's bill will reflect true consumption and adjust billing.
  • Residents selling their homes should call for a final reading. Final readings are taken on Wednesdays. Bill will be prepared for pickup or mailing.

New residents should call to receive a Resident Change Form (PDF) or send a written notice advising where to mail the water bill.

Justice Court

Pay parking tickets and adjudicated traffic tickets online. Access the online system to make a payment to the Garden City Justice Court.