Police Department

Mission Statement

The Garden City Police Department's mission is to serve the citizens, businesses, and visitors of Garden City, providing a safe community and an improved quality of life through excellence in policing and community partnership. The Department will utilize evidence-based policing, striving for effectiveness with efficiency. We shall also adhere to the four pillars of Procedural Justice: Fairness, Voice, Transparency and Impartiality in our interactions with each other and with the public we serve. Members of the Department shall always endeavor to preserve the rights of all people, without bias, reducing fear in the community through the prevention of crime, protection of persons and property and the maintenance of order in public places.

Department Objectives

The Garden City Police Department strives to provide superior police service to the community. In doing so, the Department will provide a proactive force that serves and protects the community by emphasizing omnipresence and preventative patrol.A policy of preventative patrol, along with a comprehensive traffic enforcement program, will be utilized to deter criminal and problematic activity within the boundaries of the Village. The Department will also be service oriented to enhance the quality of life for all those who live, work and visit Garden City.

Department Website

For additional information on the Police Department, please visit the Garden City Police Department website.