Landscaper Licensing

Commercial Landscapers must register with the Village of Garden City and are required to have a Village of Garden City Permit and Decal on their left front bumper  of each vehicle and the left rear bumper of any trailer.  The license plate on the decal must match the license plate of the vehicle or trailer.

The application is available below as well as at Village Hall.  Applications may be mailed or dropped off at Village Hall Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Village will not accept incomplete applications and when the application is approved, the decal(s) will be mailed. All Permits that are issued expire on December 31st of the year that they were issued.

Please see the additional information below regarding Landscaper Licensing, Guidelines and Lawn Maintenance Equipment.   If you have any questions, please contact Village Clerk Karen Altman at 516-465-4051 or email Landscaper Licensing.

Permit Information and Local Laws

Landscaper Permit Holder List

It is a requirement that all landscapers who work in the Village must obtain a Village of Garden City license. In an effort to encourage compliance with this law, we are asking residents to make sure that their landscaper is properly licensed by the Village. The following is a current listing of the landscapers licensed to work within the Village. Please review the listing and make sure that your landscaper is included.  Although we already have over 130 companies registered with the Village Clerk's Office, we still need your help to ensure that your landscaper knows that they must have a Village of Garden City license before they can work on your property.

View the Landscaper Permit Holder List (PDF)