Architecture & Design Presentation

PKAD Architecture and Design shared the results of its feasibility study for programming and conceptual design with regard to Fire Station Number 2 during the February 25 Board meeting. Representatives noted that they are midway through the schematic phase, the first of five design phases that is focusing on Fire Department staffing, increased equipment sizing, and the preservation of the building's existing historical aesthetics.

Trustees engaged the services of PKAD Architecture and Design in January 2019 to provide an evaluation and cost analysis to repair and/or replace Fire Station Number 2, which is located on Stewart Avenue at Edgemere Road. The station needs to be modernized to support current-day staffing needs as well as modern fire apparatus and equipment, all while preserving the existing aesthetics of the building. This could be accomplished in one of three ways: modernize the existing structure; modernize the existing structure while adding approximately 3,000 square feet; or build a completely new firehouse. Trustees emphasized that whatever method is chosen, the building's character and aesthetics should remain the same.